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Hello and greetings to Ramadzan!

Greetings and a warm welcome to Ramadzan! It is a pleasure to have you here. We hope that you are doing well and enjoying this special time of year. With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, people all over the world are taking part in various rituals and traditions to celebrate and honor this important time. It is a time for reflection, prayer, and community. We hope that you are able to find peace, joy, and fulfillment during this time. May you be blessed with good health, prosperity, and happiness now and in the days to come. Thank you for taking the time to visit our message today. Feel free to let us know anything you need, our team remains at your disposal.

Elegance Flower Day 22/03/2023
Elegance Flower Day 6-06-2023
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FLOWERS Day 2023

Flower Day 2023 is just around the corner and we are very excited to invite you to join us in the celebrations at The Elegance School located in the beautiful city of Quetta. This is the perfect opportunity for children and adults alike to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of flowers and learn about their countless benefits.

Our team of dedicated professionals has crafted an engaging and educational program that will captivate the minds of young ones as they explore the fascinating world of flowers. The festivities will include a range of interactive activities, from arts and crafts to science experiments, all designed to spark curiosity and deepen their appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Not only will you and your little ones have the chance to explore the wonders of flowers, but you’ll also get to enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere of The Elegance School. So come one, come all, and let us celebrate Flower Day 2023 together!

Mango Day 2023

On the occasion of Mango Day, The Elegance School Quetta is all set to celebrate this fruit in all its glory! This vibrant and joyous event is the perfect way to appreciate the many facets of the mango, from its luscious taste to its nutritional benefits. The school has made elaborate plans to make this day a memorable one for everyone involved, with a range of fun activities and competitions designed to help students learn more about this delicious fruit. From mango eating competitions to quizzes about the history and origin of this fruit, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The Elegance School Quetta encourages everyone in the community to come and join in this celebration of all things mango!

World Environment Day 5 June 2023

Save the date for World Environment Day 2023 at The Elegance School in Quetta! The event will be amazing with fun activities, talks, and informative presentations that will explain about our planet. It’s a special day to raise awareness about the environment and celebrate the world. People of all ages are welcome, and it will be the highlight of the year. So, mark your calendars, set reminders and get ready to join us for an unforgettable event. It will inspire you to make a difference for the environment. We look forward to seeing you there!

World Environment Day With Elegance School Quetta

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